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The purpose of discipline is to correct behavior that does not meet the standards established within the organization. It is not designed merely to punish people for their actions. Proper levels of discipline are important to the effectiveness and efficiency of a fire department, and everyone within the organization has a responsibility to maintain order in this process. Discipline is a complicated issue and requires a good understanding of the objectives to be achieved by the level of discipline and of the process necessary to implement it fairly.


You are the deputy fire chief of a combination fire department that is approximately 50 percent career and 50 percent part-paid. The department is engaged in an effort to increase compliance with its Standard Operating Guidelines. The department’s current disciplinary process is outdated and needs to be reviewed. Before the review is started, you have been asked to research disciplinary procedures and the challenges encountered when implementing them in an EMS & Fire Agency.
For your research, create a 300–500 word paper that includes the following.

Identify the six general guidelines of disciplinary actions. Describe each guideline.
Describe in detail the five steps involved in progressive discipline.
Name and discuss three situations, in the fire service work environment, that may complicate disciplinary actions or make them more difficult to implement in this department.





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