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For SARS CoV-1 or SARS CoV-2, propose a potential plan for widespread elimination or high
levels of suppressive control – in a specific country of your choice (e.g. yaws in Rwanda).
A. Background:
The burden of disease caused by the infectious disease – why is this a problem, including
social, developmental, and economic impact;
Epidemiology of disease, including life cycle, mode of transmission, the force of
infection, R0 if known, any reservoirs (and specifically how these will be overcome),
infectivity, and virulence.
SES, population, and cultural factors (if appropriate) that may affect the implementation
of your eradication/elimination plan in the chosen specific country.
B. Control Tools:
Available treatments, effective prophylaxis, tools for control, vector control capabilities,
including a broad consideration of costs, if available/appropriate.
Can include a description of plausible tools that are not yet developed, including mHealth,
electronic surveillance, or other digital or innovative technology.
C. Propose an Elimination/Eradication Plan for a specific country/region.
Propose a broad summary of the plan and its specific components (e.g. vector control,
vaccination, mass treatment).
Describe how you would include high levels of stakeholder participation through
communication strategies, and incentive approaches. If appropriate, discuss the
establishment of potential alliances such as public-private partnerships (e.g. Rotary) that
are possible/appropriate.
Describe the frequency (i.e. how often for IRS, vaccination, mass treatment) and
duration of the anticipated program plan.
Discuss potential anticipated barriers, problems, and reasons for failure.


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