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  1. The key intrinsic element at the Indian School of Business 


    What are the key intrinsic element at the Indian School of Business?


Subject Administration Pages 3 Style APA


Effective Leadership Development Principles

                Principled leaders are individuals who articulate their values and generate decisions based on core beliefs and values while upholding transparency, abiding by the existing ethical codes of conduct and the prevailing environmental standards (Hendrikz & Engelbrecht, 2019). I will contribute towards the mission of developing principled future leaders who enhance the lives of others across the globe in various ways.

                I will have a positive vision towards the accomplishment of complex projects to make life easier. For instance, foreseeing the delivery of challenging Technological projects focused on making life easier is one of the areas which I have experience. I strive to do this by showing optimism which involves inspiring and motivating my team members to have a positive attitude to a successful future. Moreover, I will contribute towards this mission by employing adaptability in my place of work. Arguably, no single style of leadership is considered to be effective in meeting the requirements of different places and times (Hendrikz & Engelbrecht, 2019). However, with the currently dynamic environment, I plan to collaborate with employees despite their level in the workplace to ensure their personal growth, suggesting changing by form of leadership to meet the environmental characteristics. For example, as a leader in one of the leading technology firms, I established a workplace culture that encouraged people to work collaboratively as this result to a more favorable outcome in comparison to working individually. Additionally, being proactive, I plan to focus my extra time in learning from the other competent leaders across the globe to understand how I can enhance my leadership skillset and to remain innovative even in the future for a successful leadership. This will increase my potential for effective leadership and management in critical areas such as that involving finance. For example, working as a technical Lead at Capgemini, I had to ensure an effective financial management process by ensuring that the allocated budget was enough to accomplish a project.




Hendrikz, K. & Engelbrecht, A. (2019). The principled leadership scale: An integration of value-based leadership. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology, 45. 10.

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