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  1. Environmental Pollution Presentation    



    Perform an internet search to identify an instance of environmental pollution in your state. Use the example you found and the imaginary scenario provided below to complete the assignment.

    Scenario: There is a concern about environmental pollution in your state or community. Because of your expertise as an environmental scientist, you have been invited to be a panelist at a town hall meeting in which you will present an overview of the issue. The audience consists of community leaders, members of the scientific community, and some local residents.

    Create a 7+ slide presentation (Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Prezi, or Sway®) in which you explain the problem from a scientific perspective.

    Address the following in your presentation:

    What are the scientific factors that are causing the issue?
    How is the issue identified? Describe the data associated with the problem.
    What solutions or opportunities should be explored to address the issue further?
    Incorporate relevant key words from the Environmental Pollution Key Terms document.Use at least 2 outside references.



Subject Environmental Science Pages 6 Style APA


There have been a lot of campaigns, formation of organizations, and enactment of laws specifically to save the planet from pollution, which has the capacity to destroy the earth and its contents. Specifically, environmental pollution such as air pollution contaminate the earth with certain gases that have got negative health effects to people ( Kim et al., 2018). Global warming, as a result of increased greenhouses gases has seen several forests destroyed hence damage of the environment. Increased health issues that are caused by pollution reduces productivity of people. Lastly, pollution causes death and extinction of certain species.

The fact that my community falls within the urban centers makes it surrounded with different factories that manufacture diverse materials hence emit different components into the air. Basically, in some instances, one can see dark smoke being released from the chimneys of the companies. According to  Ha (2020), the contents of such smoke include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and particulate matters from the companies.

The ability to meet the demand of people to provide some commodities has increased the rate of production and manufacturing the commodities. One of the most used source of power to drive the machines during production is fossil fuel and coal. As they burn the by products that are known as greenhouse gases are released to the atmosphere which then accumulate into the air ( Kim et al., 2018). Some of such gases are carbon dioxide, Sulphur oxide, and carbon monoxide. Additionally, the companies also produce certain gases that include that are released to the atmosphere in combination with the reaction


There are several ways through which air pollution has been identified. The first one is through smell and sight. It is clearly seen when some companies emit dark smoke through their chimneys into the atmosphere. In some instances, there is foul smell that denotes that there are certain substances on air that should not be there ( Ha, 2020). Additionally, there have been acidic rain which affects the building materials. The acid in the rains reacts with building materials hence erodes them.  Most of the iron sheet in my neighborhood are brownish in color as a result of the acidic rain.

The data above proves that air pollution remains one of the scariest environmental pollution that causes many lives and a predisposing factor for several diseases particularly respiratory diseases, which are also the leading cause of death in the United States (Ha, 2020). Particularly, air pollution kills about 5 million people per year either directly or indirectly

In the event that the major cause of air pollution in my community are industries and factories that originate, the first way of addressing the problem is venturing on the use of green energy such as solar (Kim et al., 2020). Secondly, the effluents as well as the by products can be treated to an extent that they do not cause harm to the environment before they are released to the atmosphere. Lastly, other products such as carbon dioxide can be trapped and use to make other products such as fire extinguishers. Lastly, companies should venture into planning trees that use the emitted carbon dioxide.




  • Environmental pollution is the greatest threat to humanity and the planet as a whole.
  • One of the forms of the environmental pollution that affects my community is air pollution.
  • It is majorly caused by emissions and particles from the factories.
  • Such emissions include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and Sulphur oxide.
  • Some of the ways through which air pollution has been identified are through smell and sight, acid rain, and deteriorating building materials.
  • The effective ways of addressing the issue is through use of solar as source of energy, planning trees, and treating the effluents.


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