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This is the culminating assignment of the strategy and policy capstone course as well as your education here at Eastern University. The value of an Eastern education is that you learn not only the knowledge, skills and attitudes of your chosen field of study, as well as developing a Christian worldview. This is a research paper in which you should develop a strategy for integrating your faith within your particular field of study.
Here are some possible questions that you might address in your analysis:
1. How will you sustain your faith during your career?
2. What might challenge your faith in your career?
3. How have others personally addressed those challenges (research component of the paper)?
From your studies and experiences here at Eastern University, our hope is that you will be in a position to think critically and Christianly about your own chosen field and how to integrate a Christian worldview.
Every field of study includes research from a secular perspective. Sometimes this scholarship compliments Christian beliefs; other times it contradicts them. The goal is the development of a life-long strategy for integrating faith and learning so that you develop a coherent Christian worldview.
This strategy should include three sections:
• In the first section, you will identify common ground between
your faith and your field of study.
• In the second section, you will recognize two to three areas of
potential conflict between your faith and your field of study.
• In the third section, students should describe possible resolutions
to these areas of conflict.
• Students should also explain what resolution they find most convincing
and why.

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