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The characteristics that make data research analysis in healthcare a separate industry is its involvement of gathering and interpreting data with the objective to improve population health, health services, health policies in government and organizational policies in healthcare institutions. (University of Maryland Global Campus, n.d.). Health service research incorporates scientific investigation that studies various factors that affect local population health, access to healthcare, and cost/quality of healthcare. These factors are local population demographics, financing systems, health technologies and personal behavior. (University of Maryland Global Campus, n.d.). According to Health Informatics (2021), the use of health data analytics allows for improvements to patient care, preventive measures, faster and more accurate diagnosis.
Through the healthcare data analysis conducted by the health research industry, healthcare researchers can aid policy makers to make informed decisions. For example, policy makers may want to bring a change in a rising issue such as obesity in young adults. Therefore, they may ask health researchers how to reduce the prevalence of obesity? Healthcare researchers can conduct research to examine health data in the population by age groups and identify key trends that affect diet. As a result, policy makers can start, expand, or modify nutritional programs. Another application where healthcare data analysis can be used is in detecting anomalies in scans. According to Cote (2021) in 2018, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology created an algorithm that detects differences between 3D medical images, such as MRI scans. The algorithm’s ability to learn based on data it’s previously received; it can identify differences in scans more than one thousand times faster than a human doctor. The industry of healthcare data analysis research plays a vital role in improving health programs and support decision-making at both the patient and business level.
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  1. Name a few characteristics making data research and analysis in healthcare a separate industry. Think holistically and consider scientific, policy and social impact sides.
    The important characteristics of big data in healthcare research and analysis are: Volume, Value, Variety, Veracity and Velocity. These characteristics help to separate Healthcare research into its own separate industry. The following are examples of how these characteristics are used:
    • Electronic Health Records are examples of how big data is used in Healthcare
    • Real-time alerts, i.e., test results,
    • Patient outcomes that can help to show trends to develop better treatment plans, or help to predict at risk patients, quality improvement
    • Staffing models and operational budgets
    • Strategic planning
    • Product development
    • Fraud and Abuse tracking and trending
    Big data is being used today for insight to help with informed decision making about diagnoses and treatment plans, help with preventative care, etc. This research helps to improve can help improve efficiency of healthcare being provided to the organization’s patients. This process also helps to build a stronger relationship between the patient and their healthcare providers. (Lenz, 2017)
  2. Explain how processed and analyzed data is used in healthcare. Offer a minimum of 2 examples where the data analysis supports health service delivery decision making.

There are currently many sources being used to gather healthcare data and analytics for the delivery of care to patients. Some of the ways data analysis helps to support the delivery of care and decision making are as follows:
• Patient online portals
• Electronic Health Records
• Wearable devices, such as heart monitors, etc.
• Research studies being offered for different diagnoses and treatment

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