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After completing this assignment you will explore:
How the global drug trade developed over the last 300 years and its relationship to globalization?
The effects of the global drug trade on society, politics, economics, and history?
The purpose of this assignments is to develop the following skills, which support the learning goals of the class.
Use reason, evidence, and context to increase knowledge and to reason ethically, and to innovate in comparative thinking.
Aid in ability to write effectively to achieve intended meaning and understanding.
Work to understand, respect and interact constructively with other perspectives.
Develop depth, breadth, and integration of learning for the benefit of themselves, their communities, their employers, and for society at large.
The global drug trade has had a long and varied history that is still impacting the world today. In order to understand the current effect of the drug trade we
need to understand its history and the relationship to globalization.
In a succinct, clearly written, three page double-spaced essay that uses multiple historical examples from the readings(Heavy Traffic, the global drug trade in
historical perspective, By Ken Faunce), lecture notes, and discussion notes, answer the following question.
What is the impact of the global drug trade and what have been its chief effects on societies and people around the world?
This is a broad question so you will need to focus on one or more aspects of the issue.

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