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  1. Goals in nursing


    Written essay describing your goals in nursing and how the scholarship will help you meet these goals


Subject Essay Writing Pages 2 Style APA


My Goals in Nursing and How the Scholarship Will Help Me Achieve Them

For a long time, I have developed an interest in becoming one of the renowned nurses in our state and the world. Since childhood, taking care of my loved ones has been my priority as I have always wanted to see people healthy. I have so many goals drawn out that I believe, as a nurse, I would benefit society and the human race. To reach my goal and ambitions, I have to pursue higher education and training, which will be made possible with the scholarship in play. I am very excited to practice the profession and join the society and good work of nurses worldwide.

My love for nursing is inspired by how I see nurses having a passion for treating, protecting, and saving human life to the best of their ability. My family and friends have also played a significant role in my career journey. However, from junior school, science has been my favorite spot as I had a chance to learn and find answers about the human body. As I grew older, my interest in knowing more through experience became persistent, hence my urge and desire to join a nursing school. Merely learning the body parts became shallow, and I became curious to know how they function and the correlation between each element.

Some of my goals while in the nursing profession include but are not limited to providing patients with excellent care, develop my interpersonal skills focus on continuing education as I strive towards becoming a nursing expert. One time, I saw a lady on the road who was in so much pain as she tried to get to the nearest healthcare facility. Although passersby helped her get the help she needed, I wished I could help by reducing her pain before getting to a professional. The incident ignited my urge and desire to become a nurse and help people found in such situations. The nursing profession is rooted in moral ethics; hence, nursing professionalism is determined by such ethical values (Poorchangizi et al., 2019). I have since volunteered in nursing homes which have instilled in me the ethical values and professional ethics necessary.

The scholarship would get me a step closer to achieving my dreams. The experience I would gain interacting with other nursing students would improve the knowledge I already have about the field and how to deal, communicate and interact with different people. Additionally, I get to continue my education and expound on what I already know from my previous learning levels of education. With each passing day in nursing school, I would get a chance to learn something new in technological research and medical techniques hence improve on my healthcare delivery. Therefore, the experience would bring me closer to becoming a nursing expert hence more marketable and desirable in the nursing fraternity and offer excellent patient care.

It has been years since I saw the sick lady and decided that I wanted to be a nurse. That day was the start of my journey to achieving my dreams. So far, the voluntary works in nursing homes and the experience gained have reassured me of my goal in life and instilled the passion for protecting and saving human life through science. This scholarship is a way to allow me to pursue education and gain the skills I require to achieve my dreams.



Poorchangizi, B., Borhani, F., Abbaszadeh, A., Mirzaee, M., & Farokhzadian, J. (2019). The importance of professional values from nursing students’ perspective. BMC Nursing18(1). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12912-019-0351-1


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