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The responsibility of the Surgical Technologist is to keep the patient from being harmed regarding fire safety. This includes a variety of technologies that could be sources of ignition. The Surgical Technologist must understand the correlation of these risks with fire hazards, for prevention to be effective.

A description of how light sources for endoscopy, ESU for cautery, and lasers are all sources of ignition.
Safety protocols that are mandatory in the operating room as set forth by the
Joint Commission, OSHA, CDC, AORN, AST, and each individual facility’s policies
Detail what part of these protocols is the direct responsibility of the Surgical Technologist.
An example could be the necessary clear and direct communication with all team members.
Please list all that you discover and explain your rationale as to why this is a direct responsibility.
Lastly, describe your overall opinion as a new Surgical Technologist, about fire risk.
Does this make sense to you, or is it still a bit unclear?
Does this seem overwhelming to you? If so, how can you mitigate this? What can you do to help you feel less overwhelmed?

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