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View the following video (about 8 minutes) depicting a patient scenario that does not go well.
Using the CUS method of conflict resolution, identify how you could approach the med student during the scenario (assume this is an actual situation, not a
simulation). For example, choose a point in the scenario, in the discussion identify what has just happened, and provide your response at that point. There is
not necessarily a ‘wrong’ point to speak up, simply identify the point you could speak up so that readers have context for your response.
Specifically use the CUS approach and state in quotes how you will address each section.
In your response post, you should comment on your perspective of the effectiveness of your peer’s response to the situation. Use key aspects learned in the
civility mentor exercises and reading to provide feedback.
Additionally, reflect on how appropriate communication may have prevented the situation from ending up the way it does.
Consider what it might be like to be part of this scenario if it happened in practice.
How confident do you think you might be in speaking up?
Do you think the CUS approach is helpful to give you the confidence to speak up?
Post your responses to the discussion board. (You do not need to address all components in both posts, but between the 2 posts, be sure you have
addressed all components.)

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