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Policy gets updated annually in most healthcare organizations. This is due to several reasons. Policy is a course or principle of action adopted or proposed by a government, party, business, or individual. These courses are anything but permanent. A great deal of a healthcare administrator’s attention is devoted to the updating, implementation, and development of new departmental and organizational policy based on local, state, federal, and global standards. Your task for this covering why policies are added, changed, or updated.

Explore the following articles on healthcare policy in detail for perspective

Health-Related Policies
What’s Ahead for Health Policy
When a Health Policy Causes Harm
Based on the information provided in the course and your own independent research, addresses the following:

What can happen if policy is not analyzed and updated on a regular basis?
Provide an example of how a policy implemented to improve something may cause harm to individuals.
What do you see as critical changes that will need to be made in terms of health policy in the United States?
What resources can you use to develop new policies?

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