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  1. How a Christian worldview could impact your company’s Mission


    Analysis of how a Christian worldview could impact your company’s Mission and Vision statements and its business practices    


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Christian Worldview: Impact on Business Organizations

Various factors impact business practices in contemporary settings. Primarily, people’s beliefs influence purchasing behaviors, making it a significant consideration for organizations. Notably, a significant underlying preconception is the Christian worldview. Also called Biblical Worldview, the Christian worldview is a framework of ideas and beliefs through which Christianity groups, cultures, or individual Christians interact with the world and also interpret it. Christianity is the leading religious formation in the world. As such, the Christian worldview impacts many people who are targets of business organizations. Therefore, the Biblical worldview has become a crucial element for considering when panning or implementing business activities. Notably, this paper explains the impact of Biblical Worldview on Southwest Airlines’ vision, mission, and business practices.

Christian Worldview

The foundation of the Christian worldview is the word of God, which is considered to be infallible. Thus, despite there being several Christian denominations, they all agree on the same fundamental themes and concepts regarding the Biblical worldview. A significant theme within the preconception is that God is sovereign over all other creatures and has all the mighty. The belief leads to the rejection of any other super being as it points towards dualism, which is considered opposition to God’s power and ability (Anderson, Clark, & Naugle, 2017). Therefore, all forms of secular authority are observed in non-religious practices but rejected in religiosity matters.  

Primarily, every person has a worldview as it influences how they perceive the world. Ideally, worldview is based on several factors ranging from culture, education, media, and upbringing. Regarding biblical worldview, it is based on faith. In this regard, it is considered reasonable faith as the bible supports it through practical examples. However, White & Kirkpatrick (2020) hold that since faith is virtual, it can fail. For instance, education can be inadequate to enable someone to get a job while intimate relationships can fail to lead to marriage. However, as per Hebrew 13:5 (NIV), God remains the same as He does not change with life. Furthermore, the Christian worldview believes in equality. In this regard, it states that God created everyone. As such, they should be treated equally irrespective of the underlying circumstances. Lastly, the Christian worldview holds love as the most central theme. In this regard, everyone should practice love in all settings and towards everybody. As such, love should push Christians to be of service to others.

Vision and Mission Statements

Southwest Airlines is an American Airways company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The firm is regarded as the world’s largest low-cost airways carrier. Southwest was not always successful as it began as interstate airways. Over time, the company has grown to have operations all over the United States with about 100 local destinations and also operates in ten other countries (Wu et al., 2019). Currently, American Airlines and United Airlines are the leading competitors of Southwest Airlines.

Vision statement– To be the world’s most loved, most efficient, and most profitable airline.

Southwest Airlines’ vision statement indicates the firm’s determination to achieve a greater social good within society. Notably, the aim of becoming “the world’s most loved’ airline infers that the firm targets customer’s perceptions to influence them to be in favor of Southwest Airlines. As such, the company aims at enhancing customer experiences, which is an aspect of promoting the greater good within society.

Mission Statement – “Dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit” (Airlines, 2018).

The firm’s mission statement indicates the current commitment to fostering the greater social good through their operations. Ideally, the whole statement is about people and not the company. Notably, it infers that Southwest Airlines aims at offering high-quality customer services while also enticing clients through their emotions as they are treated in a warm and friendly manner.

Christian Worldview and Commitment to the Greater Social Good

Southwest Airlines’ primary focus is to provide great experiences for the clients. Some of the practices reflecting this focus are the high flexibility when booking and scheduling flights. Furthermore, while onboard, customers receive free non-alcoholic beverages. In carrying out these practices, the firm manages to do away with inequality as everyone is treated the same way. For instance, there is no discrimination in issuing drinks or free luggage passes. As such, they reflect the Christian worldview as equality is a central theme (Gibson & Augsburger, 2019). Similarly, the commitment to offering excellent customer experiences represents the Christian worldview’s perspective of “being of service to the people.”

Christian Worldview and the Company’s Practices

Southwest Airlines’ operations indicate consistency with Biblical Worldview. Notably, the primary focus of the firm is on people who are regarded as clients. In this regard, the firm wishes to serve everyone in the best way possible, thereby eliciting satisfaction. As such, most customers are benefiting from various add-ons during flights, such as drinks and luggage passes. The focus on serving people is an aspect of biblical Worldview. Furthermore, the quality depicted in serving everyone equally is a central theme within the Christian world view.




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