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  1. How ancient societies strengthened their population


    Examine how ancient societies strengthened their population by abandoning specific children. 


Subject Cultural Integration Pages 2 Style APA


The Population on Ancient Societies

                The institutional care of orphaned and abandoned children is continually utilized in countries with varied cultural, ethnic and economic backgrounds, and the nature may be different within different geographic destinations. This paper provides an examination of how ancient societies strengthened their population through the process of abandoning specific children.

                Roman societies are examples of cultural communities which have been able to advance its population by relying on cases of abandoning specific children. Child abandonment refers to the practice of relinquishing the claims and interests of a child in a manner that is considered as illegal. The parent who relies on abandonment lacks the intent of ever resuming guardianship (Angela Marcia, 2016).

                Abandonment was a primary strategy utilized by the members of the ancient population n with a primary aim of strengthening their population. The ancient population strengthened its population by abandoning children who had delays in development or those who showed a poor physical growth. Moreover, it is also likely that those who recorded signs of major health disorders were abandoned by their parents. However, after abandonment, it is evident that in most cases the children were later rediscovered after cheating death, and later exposing them to an environment where they can acquire a strong social status and better education (Angela Marcia, 2016). For instance, the Biblical story of Moses provides an illustration of a case of Child abandonment. It is evident that Moses was abandoned by his mother who further left him for the dead on river Nile. However, he was later rediscovered by the queen of Egypt who gave him the best life after nurturing. It was at this point that he gained a higher social status in the community, achieved a better education and became even more powerful in comparison to what his birth parents could have offered.


Angela Marcia C., Afrânio, L. K., Marcelo Gerardin, P. L., & Clemax Couto Sant’Anna. (2016). Abandonment of treatment for latent tuberculosis infection and socioeconomic factors in children and adolescents: Rio de janeiro, brazil. PLoS One, 11(5) doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0154843



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