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     How do nonverbal behaviors and impression management affect interviewer ratings of candidates?    

    350 words…if possible.
    Use 1 reference.
    Use this textbook:
    A Framework for Human Resource Management
    Gary Dessler, 2013
    Prentice Hall
    ISBN.13: 978-0-132-57614-7


Subject Oral Skills Pages 2 Style APA


Effect of Nonverbal Behaviors and Impression Management Interviewer Ratings of Candidates

Nonverbal behaviors are practically very critical because most interviewers infer an interviewee’s personality or the candidate from the way she carries herself or acts during the interview. Subtle nonverbal cues, such as the ability to maintain meaningful eye contact, hand gestures, facial expressions, and overall body language reveal so much about how a candidate feels about the interview (Gary, 2013). Thus, most interviewers read these signs to gauge whether a candidate feels relaxed, calm, or is generally confident about the position. 

Vocal cues like body orientation, physical attractiveness, and smile regulate the assessor’s judgment of whether or not the candidate was credible, likable, or could be trusted. The personality levels, mainly his or her extraversion level, have a pronounced effect on whether the interviewer will consider making follow up interviews or job offers (Gary, 2013). Extraverted interviewees are more prone to self-promotions, and self-promotions are closely linked to the perception of an interviewer of the candidate, as most of them are considered to be job fit. 

Impression management is regulated based on an interviewee’s capacity to create a meaningful professional image to avoid any legal actions against an organization or the interviewing panel. In this instance, impression management, in the case of an interviewer, would entail displaying appropriate documentation during the interview or taking down important notes (Gary, 2013). It helps candidates get the competitive edge necessary to secure a certain job position. Most interviewers look out for engaging candidates as it exudes confidence levels. 

Using mirrors and matching traits are among the most powerful tools that candidates can employ to enhance their rapport during interview scenarios (Gary, 2013). Candidates should master this technique, mirror their body language, monitor their voice’s speed and tone, and remain confident throughout the process because these are the finer details that most interviewers look out for. With impression comes appropriate use of persuasive language, and this is a key feature that can affect a candidate’s overall rating in an interview (Gary, 2013). Interviewers seek out interviewees with good impressions, high-level confidence, and the ability to comprehend the situation and adjust well. With confidence comes values, and this is a core feature that candidates should focus on building.



Gary Dessler., (2013). A Framework for Human Resource Management, Prentice Hall. ISBN.13: 978-0-132-57614-7

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