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This week’s reading discusses how organizations can build a culture of self-service analytics. Through that discussion, it provides a historic perspective on how analytics has traditionally been performed and how that approach differs from the “modern approach” advocated in the article. The article then goes on to suggest steps organizations can take to create a culture of self-service analytics.
If you are already in the workforce, think about the company you work for. Has your company embraced self-service analytics? Of the five steps provided in the article, which ones has your company already taken? How is the culture being embraced? Provide examples to support your assessment.
If you are not yet working or are working in a position that doesn’t allow you to assess the organization’s analytics culture, then which of the five steps suggested in the article do you think is the most important to creating a culture of self-service analytics? Generally speaking, what challenges do you think might arise in creating this kind of organizational culture?

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