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    discuss how you would improve communication at Miami Dade College. Discuss how your own communication could improve and how the college’s communication could improve (including, staff, administrators, and faculty).





Subject Communication Pages 3 Style APA


How to Improve Communication at Miami Dade College
In a world that is quickly changing through the advancements in digital media, severe competitions in workplaces, and a significant change in career landscapes, communication remains an essential skill that every modern student must strive to master (Adler & Proctor II, 2017). However, acquisition of necessary communication skills in a school set up like Miami Dade College should be an urgent concern for everyone, including the staff, faculty, and administrators. On this quest, using the many technological resources can be useful in improving communication skills. The student can exploit the audiobooks to improve on their pronunciation and understanding of different word phrases. Free apps are also essential in this course as they encourage interaction between staff and students.
Moreover, reinforcement of active learning in this college can be instrumental since communication is not just speaking, but also about listening. The tutors will have to work along with students to improve textual reflections and analysis, which then builds on the listening skills. I would also offer group presentations which focus on building team spirit, thereby sharpening both written and oral communication. Group presentations provide an opportunity for the students to debate their opinions and get instant internal and external feedback. Besides, enhancing the efficiency of the school’s website and making use of the social media will be vital toward improving communication since it offers a high level of transparency when communicating issues around the school (Adler & Proctor II, 2017).
Through these approaches, my communication skills, as well as those of other college stakeholders, including administrators and staff, will improve. Necessarily, there will be a better understanding of the school’s priorities and policies concerning communication. It will also create a mutual understanding between the stakeholders since every person is moving toward a common objective (Adler & Proctor II, 2017). Therefore, through improving the communication skills in the college, service delivery becomes better since there is improved understanding between the people. The focus is then on honesty and transparency. It is no longer “we” versus “them”, but as communication in the school becomes very open, it boosts the morale and trust of everyone.
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Adler, R. B., & Proctor II, R. F. (2017). Looking out, looking in. Nelson Education




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