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Rename the index.html file to index_YourName.html
Link the style_YourName.css of the CSS session to the html page
In the index_YourName.html file:
• Fill out the information about the project and yourself at the top of the html page
• Complete the Navigation Code
o Home – Link to index_YourName.html
o About Us – Link to AboutUs_YourName.html
o treasure maps – Link to index_YourName.html
o photos – Link to any web Site that you select
o Contact Us – Link to contactUs_YourName.html
• In the “left_content”
o Add the image icon1.gif to the left side underneath the “Welcome to our website”
o Add the image icon2.gif to the right side underneath the “Treasure Map”
• In the “Photos” section add 3 photographs (TH1.jpg, TH2.jpg, TH3.jpg)
• Find them on the image folder.
• Use the div class: photo-box
o Class: photo
• Create a link that says ‘View’ in the lower right-hand corner
• In the “main container” add the image top_leafs.png that is in the image folder in the upper left corner
• In the “bottom content” at the bottom right, insert the image: join_club.gif that is in the image folder

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