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If every “customer contact is referred to as a moment of truth,” then each of these moments of truth provides you the opportunity to satisfy or even dissatisfy your customer (Bordoloi, p. 149). In the service industry, customer satisfaction “can be defined by comparing perceptions of service received with expectations of service desired” (Bordoloi, p. 149). When your customer’s “expectations are exceeded,
service is perceived to be of exceptional quality” (Bordoloi, p. 149). When your customers “expectations are not met; however, service quality is deemed unacceptable” (Bordoloi, p. 149). Therefore, “when expectations are confirmed by perceived service, quality is satisfactory” (Bordoloi, p. 149). Please review Figure 6.1, “Perceived Service Quality,” on p. 150, which graphically represents these expectations, including word of mouth, personal needs, and past experience. As we consider that “quality begins with the design of the service delivery system,” explain what this will look like in your organization and how you will design it (Bordoloi, p. 149). Which of these Dimensions of Service Quality will be part of your service quality? How will you measure gaps between “expected service and perceived service?” (Bordoloi, p. 150). What tools, techniques, and/or processes will you employ?

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