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    I would like you to write on the importance of protist from an economic, ecological and health perspective. Be sure to give specific examples and also think about what would happen if we no longer had protist on Earth.
    a well thought out write up of between 150-200 words.


Subject Nursing Pages 1 Style APA


Importance of Protists

            Protists are animal-like, plant-like or fungus-like organisms such as amoebas, algae and slime molds respectively. This paper seeks to explore the economic, ecological and health benefits of these Kingdom Protista organisms.

            From a health perspective, protists are useful in medical research as their contents are incorporated in medicine for treatment of arthritis, ulcers, digestion problems, and high blood pressure. They are also used in scientific research. For instance, slime molds are used in chemical signals cell analysis.

            From an economic angle, protists form one component of milk cartons for packaging the biodegradable content. The use of carrageenan from red algae is used in ice-cream solid and puddings. Brown algae are also used in the production of biofuel (a green energy source) and due to their fast growth, can maintain the increasing demand.

            From an ecological perspective, protists play an important role in the food-chain by supplying oxygen inhaled by animals. Besides, the ability of algae to form food from water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight through photosynthesis places them at the source of aquatic food chains.

            The absence of protists would compromise the completion of the respiratory cycle and food chain. As a result, the imbalance compromise maintaining a sustainable ecosystem.

















Appendix A:

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