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Inclusive practice values diversity and contributes to equality. There is legislation in place in relation to equality, diversity and inclusive practice.
Research policies for equality, diversity and inclusive practice in EYFS. You may wish to include a policy from your own setting. Use these policies as examples to help you to:
1.1 Identify legislation, policies and procedures relating to equality, diversity and inclusive practice.
1.1 Explain the roles and responsibilities of the early year’s practitioner in supporting equality diversity and inclusive practice.
2.1 Think about where you can get support and guidance on equality and inclusive practice,now show how you access support here in as many forms as you can.
3.2 Look around your setting and analyse here all the benefits of being a supportive practitioner in relation to equality, diversity and inclusive practice.
3.3 Consider your own beliefs and values when practicing in an early years setting. Now evaluate them.

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