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Choose a health care technology utilized in patient care. Some examples include: Patient Portals, Personal Tracking – Lived Informatics, Barcoding, Robots,
Radio-frequency Identification (RFID), Personal Digital Assistant (PDA), Tube system, Smart Bed, Smart Pump, Supply Kiosk, Pyxis, Laptop/tablet, Camera,
data warehouse, Telehealth/Mobile Health, Geospatial Technologies (or any topic you choose).
Create a PowerPoint presentation of 8-10 slides that includes:
Introduction – Provide the name of the technology, a thorough descriiption of how/where/why it is used, and a history of its development.
Vendors – Who are the various vendors (if there are more than 1) available for this technology?
Cost – What is the cost of implementation of this technology?
Resources and Training – What resources do they provide to help with implementation (website, onsite instruction, customer support)? What is the
recommended training to learn the new technology?
Advantages/Benefit – How does this technology benefit patients, nurses/other members of the healthcare team, and the healthcare organization?
Disadvantages/Barriers – What are the disadvantages of utilizing this technology in the health care setting? Any barriers to adopting this technology?


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