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Prior to beginning work on this interactive assignment, review the Issues Monitor: Cyber Crime – A Growing Challenge for Governments (Links to an external site.), The Geographical Distribution of Cybercrime (Links to an external site.), and The Top Countries for Cybercrime (Links to an external site.) online resources. Review the instructions and research a minimum of two additional sources on your assigned country to support your work in your presentation.

As you have learned, cyber crime is an international issue the implications of which are only beginning to be realized. For this interactive assignment, you will be assigned a country to research and for which to create presentation. Your presentation will provide information about cyber crime in the assigned nation and the threat to the world at large this represents.

Five nations will be examined: Brazil, China, Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom. Please see the list below to determine which country you will be assigned for your presentation.

Last names beginning with the letters A through D
Examine the country of BRAZIL

You will create a five minute maximum screencast presentation of a PowerPoint on your assigned country. For the screencast portion, you may use any screen casting platform you wish. (Quick-start guides for Screencast-O-Matic and Jing are provided for your convenience.)


Create your PowerPoint presentation including the following elements:

Explain the internal and external cyber crime activity for your assigned country.
Evaluate the international threat the actions occurring in the assigned country have on the world at large.
Analyze the internal, domestic efforts at thwarting cyber crime in your assigned country including information on how cases are built against perpetrators.

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