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    Create a LinkedIn account and create a profile that will leverage the self-analysis work and some of the deliverables completed for this course.
    Define, perform, and document an individualized IS-related activity not directly taken from a course assignment, which you would consider (in consultation with your instructor) to be value-adding to job positioning.





Subject Computer Technology Pages 4 Style APA


IS-related Activity

There are 4 main information system activities which include input of data, processing of data, and output of information, storage of information and data and control of the system performance. The activity we are going to cover is the processing of data.

Data is typically passes through processing activities which include: calculations, comparisons, sorting, classification and summarization. Through these activities the data is organized into various formats that are presentable and understandable by the users. The users are able to carry out organization, analysis and manipulation of data by using various tools which include statistics tools like MS Excel. Any information system quantifies the maximum allowed data capacity. The data size and quantity must be tracked by continually correcting and updating activities.

An example of IS processing activity:

  1. Data received about league teams information

Team A: 30 players 2 managers and 1 referee

Team B: 28 players 1 manager and 2 referees

Team C: 32 players 2 managers and 1 referee

Team D: 25 players 1 manager and 0 referees


  1. Data is added to an excel worksheet.
  2. The data is sorted in numeric order based on the team IDs.

Step 1: Sorting the Data Items using sort and filter function

Step 2: Sorted Data


  1. The team data is categorized into team groups
  2. The summary is used to form the league schedule of matches.
  3. The data is used to create a score board for recording game results.
  4. The summary is made of the data and its schedule. All the games must have played for this to be completed.
  5. The data is used to update the league information.

Above is a simple illustration of a processing activity for game data received from a known source and used to organize the games league by forming the schedule.




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