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1). Discuss Kant’s categorical imperative in detail and explain how Kant would answer this question.
2). Has Mary done what’s right here?
3). Who makes the strongest case? Why? Defend your response and elaborate at length.
Close to death, Mary’s father asks her to promise that when his life ends she will donate $30,000 of his savings to the Flat Earth Education Campaign for
Everyone (FLEECE), a group that he has been a member of for some years, and which fosters the idea that the earth is really flat. Mary, intent on making his
dying days as happy as possible, promises. Yet shortly after her father dies, a massive tsunami hits a nearby town, inflicting immense damage. Hundreds are
left homeless and without food or medical care. Mary, moved by the call for emergency donations, decides to give the $30,000 to aid the victims of the
tsunami — and not to FLEECE.…

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