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Kevin is a licensed paralegal with a busy and successful paralegal practice specializing in small claims court litigation. One of Kevin’s commercial clients has not paid their legal fees for a three-day trial that he successfully argued for them. If Kevin would like to use a collection agency for his client’s outstanding account, which of the following statements regarding his professional obligations with regard to his client’s confidential information is FALSE?
(a) Kevin is required to disclose his entire client file to the collection agency to facilitate the debt collection
(b) Kevin should limit the confidential information provided to the collection agency to that which is necessary to collect the fees
(c) Information contained in Kevin’s client file that is not necessary to enforcement should be deleted or blocked out
(d) Kevin may disclose confidential information to the collection agency to collect his fees
Authority: Text p. 142; Paralegal Rules of Conduct Rule 3.03(7)(9); Paralegal Professional Conduct Guidelines Guideline 16

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