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You are a licensed paralegal who has been retained by your client Adam in a landlord tenant dispute. Adam is very frustrated with what he feels has been unfair treatment by his landlord who has filed an application to evict him from his apartment. During your meeting with Adam this morning, he said that if he is evicted he will “kill his landlord”. Based on the provided information, which of the following statements is TRUE with regard to your professional obligations as a paralegal?
(a) You are required to immediately disclose Adam’s threat against his landlord to prevent the death of Adam’s Landlord
(b) You are prohibited from disclosing Adam’s threat against his landlord under any circumstances
(c) You are permitted to disclose Adam’s threat against his landlord if you believe on reasonable grounds that there is an imminent risk of death or serious bodily harm to Adam’s landlord
(d) The only way that you are permitted to disclose the threat against Adam’s landlord is if you first obtain a court order for the necessary disclosure
Authority: Text pp. 139-40; Paralegal Rules of Conduct Rule 3.03(5)

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