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Provide a better understanding of the various theoretical ideologies that influence human behavior, by applying them appropriately in a personal context. It will also provide clarification into contemporary issues and social problems occurring in the world around us. Further, it will provide the foundation for future discussions and assignments that focus on prevention or solutions.

Write about your life experiences relative to the theories we have been studying. Think about and discuss the many people, places, things and experiences that have influenced you along the way and that have shaped you into who you are today.

First, before you begin to write the essay, think about and brainstorm a list of all of the possible reasons why you are the person that you have become.

Biologically (Race, age, gender, physique, agility, physical attractiveness, height, weight, health, medical history, birth order and childhood experiences)

Psychologically (Intelligence, personality, emotions, aptitudes and interests, strengths and weaknesses)

• Ethnicity; family values, holidays and traditions, religious practices, culture, relationships with extended family members. If you were born or grew up in a different culture what were some of the cultural differences? What was it like to transition here? How do the values, expectations, traditions vary? How did your move here affect you? Social status? economic status?
• Region you grew up in; urban, rural, or suburban upbringing,
• School experiences: friendships, academics, sports, hobbies, activities
• Relationships: to other society members, significant others, children. How did these relationships influence decisions you have made?

Sample Solution

rexit vote, high-profile members of the Conservative Party have argued for the scrapping of the bankers’ bonus cap, in addition to other EU ‘red tape’, a sentiment which has been recently echoed by Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, who has rightly previously criticised the EU’s bankers’ bonus cap. It can be said that this divergence epitomises the UK’s uneasy relationship with the EU in recent years. Brexit, therefore, presents the opportunity to reverse this mis-guided policy and continue to gradually introduce regulations that are more flexible and suited to the UK’s dynamic financial services industry. This was intimated by Mark Carney who has suggested that there are areas in which the UK can make regulatory changes, caveated by a desire to continue to maintain the highest possible levels of resilience and robust regulatory standards. This is an eminently sensible position to adopt and provides a clear avenue for the UK to take advantage of leaving the EU to implement a more flexible regulatory regime, that strives to eliminate unnecessary ‘red-tape’ and better serves the interests of UK financial institutions. A further clear example of the UK’s difficult relationship with the EU, with respect to aspects of financial services regulation, is clearly illustrated by the rancour aroused by the disagreement over the EU’s Short Selling Regulation (SSR). This provision granted powers to the European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA) to limit or ban the practice of short-selling. The SSR aims to increase the transparency of short positions held by investors in certain EU securities and reduce the risk involved with short selling. Ultimately, the UK’s opposition to this measure was defeated, losing their challenge at the European Court of Justice. In concurrence with the opportunity to reverse the EU imposed bankers’ bonus cap, a further impact of Brexit on the legal financial services regime in the UK is the ability to reverse this regulation and, if the prerogative of government, replace it with a more suitable, flexible and tailored regulation, in order to meet the needs of finance in the UK.

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