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Write a 2- to 3-page paper analyzing a journal or media article about a scandal or fraud involving a compromised research study in healthcare. *Preferably about the covid-19 flawed vaccine trials

Summarize the errors made and their consequences using the following questions.

To what extent did the researcher follow the norms and expectations of the sponsoring institution? In other words, was the sponsor complicit in the fraud, or did the researcher act alone in violation of corporate policy?

What was the researcher’s motive in compromising the integrity of the study?

Exactly what ethical research principles were violated? How?

Exactly which provisions or interpretative statements of the Code of Ethics for Nurses were violated? How?

What consequences did the fraud carry for the subjects? The researcher? The sponsor? The researcher’s profession?

How could the researcher have avoided the fraud and maintained the integrity of the study?

What oversight mechanisms brought this violation to light?

What implications does this case have for nursing research studies?


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