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    Milgram experiment    

    write some topics you can think of to answer the essay assignment “to

    probe the significance of the ethical issues [in the Milgram experiment] and their implications in

    analogies and experiences you know of. These may be from your personal experience or from

    something you’ve read or seen or heard about from another person or an online source you trust.

    Also refer to individuals and situations in Milgram’s experiment for comparison/contrast.
    You can present up to three topics with your good reasons for why you think they’d be important to write about for this essay assignment. And write at least 100 words to do it.
    (topics must be something that we see for example something like apple.)


Subject Essay Writing Pages 3 Style APA


  1. Penicillin

    Response 1

    I agree with the first post.  By the nurse introducing him/herself and explaining his/her role, this step enables Mr. Y to develop trust towards the nurse and understand the procedures that will be suggested by the healthcare provider. Furthermore, since Penicillin might have severe allergic reactions, it is important that the nurse considers recommending a penicillin skin test given that it is the first time Mr. Y is using this medicine (Hassan Alzahrani, Abdelmageed Imam, Mohamed Ibrahim & Palaian, 2019). The first post is valid since it provides essential information that Mr. Y needs to know. For instance, the nurse takes the step of informing Mr. Y of different signs and symptoms that might emerge after taking the medicine. Moreover, the nurse explains in detail the possible duration that it might take for Mr. Y to start experiencing the medicine’s reactions.

    Response 2

     I also agree with the second post given that the nurse takes the obligation to explain to Mr. Y about Penicillin. This step is vital since most patients lack information about the medications they take (Hassan Alzahrani et al., 2019). The nurse not only informs the patient about the medicine but also explains to him why the medicine must be administered through injection. The second response is valid given that the nurse suggests that if it is possible for Mr. Y to remain in the office after administration of the medicine for observation to identify if there is any reaction (Conway, 2017). This step essential since it allows the nurse to ensure if Mr. Y is feeling alright and ready to leave. Moreover, the second post is valid since the nurse allows Mr. Y to ask any questions regarding the prescription. 




  • Conway, E. L., Lin, K., Sellick, J. A., Kurtzhalts, K., Carbo, J., Ott, M. C., & Mergenhagen, K. A. (2017). Impact of penicillin allergy on time to the first dose of antimicrobial therapy and clinical outcomes. Clinical therapeutics39(11), 2276-2283.

    Hassan Alzahrani, K., Abdelmageed Imam, E., Mohamed Ibrahim, M. I., & Palaian, S. (2019). Administration error of benzathine penicillin G in a Saudi male. Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research49(3), 254-256.


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    Choose ONE of the following discussion question options to respond to:

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Subject Business Pages 4 Style APA



Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” Movie Analysis

            While delivering a speech, persuasion is essential in convincing the audience to listen to their ideas in their address. In An Inconvenient Truth, former US Vice President Al – Gore speaks on global warming as an encroaching crisis affecting its atmosphere and the environment as his central message. Al- Gore effectively persuades the audience into joining his cause against global warming by using persuasive communication strategies, a solid introduction, rhetoric strategies, oral citations, proper speech delivery, and presentation aids to evoke the audience in supporting his cause.

            Al- Gore’s successfully incorporates a solid speech introduction to attract the audience’s attention. He begins the introduction with a joke alluding to him being the “former future president of the United States.” The use of such a satirical comment evokes the audience wondering who would be bold enough to stand on stage after losing a race, such as the presidential election. This captures the audience to be more involving in his speech and sit for a better listening into the matters at hand. Later on, he introduces his speech topic by focusing on his central message, outlining his whole address’s main points. Finally, it eases the audience by showing a mangrove parchment indicated to involve the audience in relating to a preserved environment before expounding on his speech. The audience is engaged after this as he gets into his central message and further engaging in his speech.

Al-Gore’s excellently persuades the audience by using ethos as a rhetorical strategy throughout the speech.  Ethos employs a sense of trustworthiness and competence that enables the audience to believe in the speaker’s credibility. He shows ethos by acknowledging his commitment to the earth as an environmental activist. Al- Gore’s speech is based on expansive research that helps the audience trust his competence in speaking on the issue. Al- Gore’s possesses charisma and positive energy that attracts the audience to remain rooted in listening to his appeal towards addressing global warming. As characteristics of applying ethos in a speech, the combination of dynamism and competence draws the crowd to become trustworthy with his presentation and remains attentive throughout the address.

Al- Gore’s effectively employs persuasive communication strategies that include positive motivation, negative motivation, cognitive dissonance, non-verbal communication, and appeals to self-esteem in his speech. Positive and negative motivations are essential in persuading the audience to venture into addressing global warming to achieve positive outcomes in the environment. Consequently, Al-Gore uses negative motivation to convince the audience that failure to look into measures of curbing global warming and climate change, the earth might end up like the few places he depicts in his comparison photographs and videos. Cognitive dissonance helps change one’s perspective to something by discomforting norms and beliefs to persuade an audience towards change. At the start of the documentary, Al-Gore introduces a short video of a beautiful mangrove parchment that would stay in the back of the audience’s mind on what should be safeguarded.  To destabilize the audience, he shows pictorials of areas devastated by global warming, evoking fear and panic for the world that has become dormant in addressing this issue. Intertwined, with his central idea, Al- Gore persuades the audience in a bleak and disheartened tone to fight for preserving the environment.

            In addition, Al-Gore’s effectually uses non-verbal communication in his body language is established through a dejected worrying tone for identifying with the audience on the prevailing situation. Al- Gore’s body movement showed confidence in his walk and constant interactiveness with the audience. Al – Gore also has a confiden, genuine smile appearing as a well- groomed and dressed man in delivering his speech. In the documentary, Al-Gore’s clear expression of displeasure with people who negated around global warming instead of addressing is clear.  Al-Gore aimed to show concern for the issue. Al –Gore’s self-esteem pushes his central message across the audience by focusing on positivity and the audience’s contributions to curb global warming. His articulation of each point across helps in building confidence with the audience. His confidence in his speech persuades the audience to be on board the matter.

            Oral citations are well used in An Inconvenient Truth to capture the audience’s attention. Al- Gore uses oral citations effectively to show reliability, credibility, and validity of information conveyed in his speech address. Denoting empirical evidence from videos, charts, and maps allude the audience into believing that Al- Gore critically researched the issue and came up with a profound speech to convince the audience to join his cause to remove fallacies on wrong information presented in his speech. Virtually, his research pays off as he captures the audience in his factual interactions on the matter.

Al – Gore excellently uses presentation aids like projected images, comparison photographs, short videos, satirical cartoons, and info graphs like maps and charts to help persuade his audience to come to his plea in preserving the environment by combating global warming. Projected images show areas adversely affected by global warming, including flooded areas. The short videos as well show people injured due to flooding. The graphs and maps show empirical evidence of the effects of global warming in areas. A comparison of videos and pictures shows how some places were before global warming and its impact after years. All these visual aids serve as areas involving the audience’s concern and worry over the deteriorating ecosystem around us. Al-Gore was not shy off, including videos of politicians passing over the global warming issue through satirical cartoons while also poking at renowned scientists worldwide who showed the existence of climate change. As much as Al-Gore is a politician, he intended for the audience to understand that his concern was for the environment and endeavors towards combating global warming rather than politically-driven shows with aspirations of a political seat.

Lastly, Al- Gore successfully uses ethos, pathos, and logos strategies to capture the audience’s attention in his speech. Ethos employs a sense of trustworthiness and competence that enables the audience to believe in the speaker’s credibility. He shows ethos by acknowledging his commitment to the earth as an environmental activist. The documentary shows the incorporation of logos through his presentation of scientific facts that support his claims to global warming as an issue of concern. Lastly, his attributes to incorporate his son’s demise into comparing it to his commitment to the environment show pathos as a rhetoric strategy.  Successful integration of photographs and videos of areas affected by global warming helped provoke the audience to support his cause towards alleviating global warming.

In conclusion, Al – Gore effectively incorporates persuasive communication strategies, a solid introduction, rhetoric strategies, oral citations, proper speech delivery, and presentation aids to evoke the audience in supporting his fight against global warming.  Using all these techniques successfully convinces the audience to have a concern about the deteriorating ecosystem. Having watched the documentary, I am persuaded to carry on the legacy of conserving our environment as an environmental ambassador.         




Lane, S. R., & Flowers, T. D. (2015). Salary inequity in social work: A review of the knowledge and call to action. Affilia30(3), 363-379.

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