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Write a short, organized paper briefly explaining, in your own words, some of the ways that children’s brains develop with respect to their ability to act
responsibly. Describe both the brain development (as in “Which areas of the brain develop and when?”) and the abilities that go with that brain development
(as in “What does development in this area do to children’s behavior?”).
Write a paragraph in which you describe and defend your reaction to the following proposed policy:
“Children who have entered high school have demonstrated their ability to act responsibly by successfully graduating from grade school. All of those children
who have graduated from grade school shall be held fully responsible for their own behaviors, including being charged with crimes exactly as adults are, tried
in adult court, and held to the same penalties as adults for their illegal behaviors”.
Your work should be entirely in your own words. Do not use quotes. You can mention outside sources as support for your claims, but put those claims into
your own words.
Organize your work into paragraphs and, possibly, into separate sections with headings.
Use complete sentences and correct grammar (word usage, punctuation, capitalization, etc.).
Use examples to illustrate your points.

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