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In the environmental health arena, a number of environmental principles or philosophies may guide the work of those who are charged with the creation of policy (including formal and informal policy actors, policy researchers, and policy analysts). In particular, you should be aware of the precautionary principle and be able to apply it in a number of contexts.

In your initial post to this discussion, look online at credible sources for a local situation (Bay Area, California) in which environmental policy has been overtly (openly) or covertly (behind the scenes) influenced by the precautionary principle. If you cannot find local examples after a diligent search, you may cast your search statewide.

Once you identify a case, create a discussion post that briefly (approximately 200 words) summarizes the situation, including the details that led you to this conclusion, then give a link to the source. DO NOT specifically identify what you believe to be the precautionary principle indicators.

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