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    What in your opinion are the primary reasons for man’s cruelty towards one of his own species?    



Subject Environmental Science Pages 2 Style APA


Nature versus Nurture

            Man’s cruelty towards one of his own species are caused by aggression which is naturally a part of human nature. The reason why many act civilized is because of how they were raised. However, there are certain instances where one feels like he has to act in a certain way in order to get the response that he or she seeks. Therefore, it all depends on the impulse control that a person has.

            The nature versus nurture debate highlights some of the perceptions that people have towards human cruel behaviour. On one hand, it is argued that it is in the human being’s nature to be aggressive since people are considered to be fighting animals (Heyes, 2019). Thus, no matter what is done, human beings will still act with aggression as it will always get out of control.

            On the other hand, it is believed that human beings can be nurtured to act in certain ways as they grow up depending on their environment. However, a person can be raised in a criminal environment, but still turn out to be the complete opposite (Heyes, 2019). That is because genetics and environment may contribute to a person’s nature only in some people while in others, it becomes rejected.  Therefore, since there are various contributing factors aside from the environment, it is likely that the individual’s genetics does not record him as an aggressive person.

            I concur with the treatise ‘crime is a normal phenomenon’ since individuals will always act with aggression when faced with specific situations. It is in the human nature to fight. Therefore, since some have more control over these impulses than others, it is impossible to think that a crime free society will ever exist.




Heyes, C. (2019). Is morality a gadget? Nature, nurture and culture in moral development. Synthese. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11229-019-02348-w






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