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Given the following routing table for IPv4, using longest-prefix-first routing:
IP Address Port / 14 A / 15 B / 18 C / 20 D / 25 E / 25 F
default G
Find and explain the routing for IP packets with destination address
Problem 4:
The transport layer is responsible for providing reliable communication. We look at a long-haul network with a large bandwidth. The maximum transmittable unit (MTU) is assumed to be 1460 bytes of payload. Assume we are transmitting continuously at 10 MB/sec = 107 B/sec from Los Angeles to Miami over a distance of 4000 km. Assume further a processing delay of 100 psec per router and three routers for a total of 300 psec. The bandwidth of the connection is 100 Mb = per second. The medium is optical fiber with a speed of light of 204 m/psec.
(f) What is the size of an IPv4 packet with 1480 B payload when using TCP?
(g) Assuming no queueing delay, what is the total network delay (propagation delay + transmission delay + processing delay) of a message of 1460B payload. (Neglect the frame overhead at the data link layer.)
(h) What is the total network delay of a frame if the payload is a single byte?
(i) How many frames per second of MTU size are needed to send 107 B/sec.
(j) Assuming that every frame is acknowledged and that transmission follows TCP Tahoe rules (after three acknowledgments of the same segment number, a frame is assumed to have failed), how many frames will have to be resent whenever one frame is lost.
Problem 5:
4K Ultra High Definition TV-1 uses 3,840 horizontal pixels and 2.160 vertical pixels. The refresh rate is 60 Hz. The color range is extended to High Dynamic Range (HDR) by using 10 bits per channel for a total of 30b per pixel.
• Calculate the bandwidth (in bits per second) needed to show video in this format.
• Calculate the compression ratio needed so that the bandwidth is limited to 25Mb/sec.


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