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Anomaly detection using knowledge graphs

  Anomaly detection using knowledge graphs for a specific use case (see project details) Details of use cases (Any one of them below): 1. Anomaly detection of suspectful/wrong/unusual behavior in software developers using knowledge graphs 2. Anomaly detection of...

Defense in Depth

  The process of implementing security frequently opens one’s eyes to other forms of security not previously considered. In this two-part assignment, you should experience just that. This assignment focuses on a model of implementing security in layers, which,...

Cache memory on computer performance

What is the significance of cache memory on computer performance?Explain how the principle of locality affects caching?What does associativity mean in the context of caches?watch videos below https://youtu.be/p3q5zWCw8J4https://youtu.be/rtAlC5J1U40
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