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Create 4 different presentations on different topics. Here are the instructions from the teacher.

1. Read the novel Frankenstein. Create a 2-slide presentation on:
Landscape and Weather: how does the landscape and the technique of pathetic fallacy add atmosphere and emotion to the events of the play? Explore examples of locations chosen for sections of the story and show us some quotes and paintings / photos etc. that describe the locations. What does the setting / the settings add to the story?

2. Read Shakespeare’s Hamlet and create 2-slide presentation which covers the following things:
Description of the character and why they are important in the play
The character’s behaviour, state of mind and mental health
How culture has reacted to the character – how they are portrayed in paintings, music, film versions of the play etc. (if you can find such references).
The character chosen for this presentation is Claudius.

3. Presentation on Wuthering Heights.
The presentation should include brief but important biographical details of the author but should focus mainly on analysis of the novel. There should be slides on the following aspects:

– Analysis of the protagonist

– Themes and important motifs throughout the novel (including the way that women, love and marriage are portrayed)

– The importance of setting

– Style of writing – language, literary techniques, structure and syntax etc.

– How the novel represents and relates to contemporary issues in the Victorian age.

Presentations which merely re-tell the story of the novel will receive an F. I *know* the plot! I want to see your analysis of what makes this text unique and what are the characteristics of the author’s writing style etc. Likewise, presentations which contain copied and pasted material from the web will also receive an F.

4. Presentation on Oliver Twist
Discuss the protagonists and antagonists in Oliver Twist (note that the plural is used here, so that means more than one!). Are these characters archetypes? What do they each represent? Discuss at least 4 characters and include direct quotations with page references to support your analyses of the characters.

Secondly, describe the main settings of Oliver Twist. From these harshly contrasting environments, what can the reader learn about Victorian England and the living conditions of people in different social classes? Again, include some direct quotations from the novel with page references.


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