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    Discussion Question
    Discussion Question 2
    There are many approaches to providing population based cost-effective care. Nurse-managed clinics are sometimes developed for this purpose. Go to the South University library and locate at least one article about a nurse-managed clinic for population health. Explain the clinic functions as described in the article. What are the strengths? Weaknesses? Are there any data available to help evaluate this system? Does this provide any ideas to you of a potential clinic you might want to start?


Subject Nursing Pages 2 Style APA


Nursing-Managed Clinic

Nursing-managed clinic happens to be one of the best methods of providing cost-effective care to populations or the community (Krothe et al, 2000). According to Ely (2015), the establishment of nursing-managed clinics reflects the constant adaptation to address the needs of populations as well as operate within the rapidly changing economies of healthcare. In the article “Nurse-Managed Primary Care: Outcomes of a Faculty Practice Network,” Edwards et al (2003) focus on the description of the selected results/outcomes of a nurse-managed primary care within a large FPN (faculty practice network). These researchers then employ the guidelines outlined by the NONPF (National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties) in assessing such outcomes.

Edwards et al (2003) argue that the clinic serves to ensure the realization of the goals of the East Tennessee State University College of Nursing.  The strengths of this clinic lies in the fact that it supports the goals and mission of the university, ensures nursing control, enhances fiscal stability, and improves healthcare outcomes.  The weakness of this system lies in its overreliance on earned revenue, contracts, and grants in maintain fiscal stability. Despite this shortcoming, patients demonstrate high levels of gratification with the clinic’s services. Besides, the internal and external audits point out that the care quality of clinic is excellent. Besides, the data offered in the article is adequate to ensure a thorough assessment of the clinic.

A suitable nurse-managed clinic should manage to ensure a sustained fiscal stability and improvement of healthcare outcomes (Cole et al, 2001). The case of this clinic offers me three ideas on the potential clinic I would like to start. The first idea concerns the ability of my clinic to ensure a sustained fiscal stability. The second idea concerns the potential of the clinic to improve healthcare outcomes, while the third idea concerns the ability of the clinic to ensure nursing control.


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