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  1. Nursing’s Role in Decision Making  


    *What is and/or should be nursing’s role in decision making regarding selecting information systems?


Subject Nursing Pages 2 Style APA


Nursing’s Role in Decision making regarding Selecting Information Systems

Nurses’ function in patient care has grown as well as their function in the usage of technology to enhance medical care delivery. The use of health information technology (HIT) is aimed at improving the quality of health care which has been propelled by current transformative policies like the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act as well as the Institute of Medicine Report (Moore et al., 2020). These policies advocate for the implementation of health information technology and the electronic health records (HER) to upgrade safety and efficiency in health care. This paper discusses nursing’s’ role in decision making regarding selecting information systems. The role of nurses in selecting information systems entails having the technical know- how in computer skills, information sciences and the science of nursing so as to improve the quality of nursing practice.

Nursing’s role in decision making concerning selecting information systems often involves the use of data and technology on a daily basis to monitor systems, patient care initiatives and programs. According to Rudin et al. (2015) information system aids in providing effective ways to handle administrative errands which include maintaining staff records, workload management, and scheduling of shifts. Nurses are often involved in decision making regarding selecting information systems to avoid adverse incidents and stress related to technology (Nibbelink & Brewer, 2018). Nursing’s’ decision in selecting information system is driven by accurate, timely and comprehensive data analysis and collection.  Nurses are often tasked with the role of making decision based on an integral part of a person-based record supporting multidisciplinary care planning and shared care. Nibbelink and Brewer (2018) indicate that the nursing’s role in decision making is to consider using agreed common terms and definitions to be used in an agreed nursing language to be incorporated in the system.


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