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prepare and deliver your Final Project using the framework from your proposal.
The purpose of the Masters Project is to gain knowledge about a particular issue or problem. The focus is the analysis, interpretation and presentation of information, observations and creative ideas related directly to your course.
However, to recognise that written work is not the only way of communicating this knowledge effectively, the format of the final submission is deliberately flexible to allow you to present your individual project in a context appropriate to your topic and findings. This is subject to a documented discussion and written approval from your supervisor. Also, consider the relationship between the theoretical contemporary discourses in your subject area and their application to form the practical manifestation of your project.
• Whatever the format of your final submission, you must demonstrate evidence of advanced conceptual, theoretical, and technical capability at Masters level. The personal research project will be assessed according to the University’s postgraduate assessment regulations and Level 7 – Masters – grade descriptors.

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