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1) Identify one or two main problems with respect to the relationships between teams and managers of your department
2) Try to possibly identify statements in the article proposed above that can help addressing from close or far, the problems identified in point 1. (If you cannot find such statements or you think the article content is far from the issues you have described in point 1, please indicate this as an answer to Q2).

3) Identify as many theory, model or framework seen in class that can help identifying/are similar to the problems identified in point 1.
4) Specify two strategies based on OB concepts, theories and actual data and information that can help resolving the issues identified in point one.

5) Conclusions: You do not need to analyze the two strategies pros and cons, yet in the conclusion you shall suggest the one strategy that you think shall be implemented in priority with a concise justification.
6) Bibliography including five articles with one article extracted from a peer reviewed journal, at least.

Focus on the company that you are currently working in. Read the below article named ‘Too Many Teams, Too Many Bosses: Overcoming Matrix Madness’ and answer the below questions.


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