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  1. Overcoming adversity



    Choose a time when you overcame adversity and write a clear, coherent argument. A time in your life in which you overcame something a serious difficulty or setback. Be sure to detail how you dealt with the situation, and what you learned from the challenge.


Subject Functional Writing Pages 3 Style APA


Overcoming Adversity


Achieving greater academic heights had been my dream when I was growing up. My parents always encouraged me, and I was optimistic that I would accomplish all that I planned in my life. However, this did not happen so. I became pregnant at the age of 17, and by age 18, I was already a single mother. Besides, I just joined my tenth grade when this terrible incident happened. I still had a lot to do to complete my education. With the responsibility that comes with motherhood and the fact that I was a single mother, it became difficult to continue my education. I dropped in the tenth grade. Everything was falling apart, I had made a mistake, and I considered myself a misfit. All my friends continued with their studies while I had to sit at home caring for my child.

The pressure was too much on me. At some point, I thought I would never get back to school and achieve my dreams. Primarily, accepting the role of motherhood came with emotional and mental distress such as being fearful and worrisome. I was undergoing through a period of depression and all my plans became disrupted. I was regretting for the mistake that I did, which I could have avoided. I knew I was wrong, and I wished that I could reverse time and make the right decisions. The sense of guilt was all over me. I was having physical tension and ineffective relationship with family members. Everyone had left me to learn the hard way from the mistake that I had made.

However, I overcame the challenges of teen single motherhood. I decided to take care of my child and commit to making life better. Nonetheless, the dream to continue with education did not fade. The only way I would completely feel better is by undoing the wrongs I did early in my life, I had to proceed with my education. At the age of 45, I went to get my GED and proceeded to Miami Dade College to undertake associate degree in accounting. Currently, I am attending Florida international University for my Bachelors in Administration in Finance and Management.

My journey as an older student, especially when I went for my GED and my time in Miami Dade College was not a pleasant one. I experienced many challenges, but these did not deter my progress and determination to achieve my objective. For instance, I found it a bit challenging balancing school and other life responsibilities. It demanded a lot of commitment from me. I had to do assignments, attend class, and at the same time attend to my responsibilities at home. Furthermore, connecting with the younger classmates was difficult, most of them were not comfortable with me, and it made me feel out of place. It was also difficult balancing the financial resources to pay for school and implement other financial burden at home. I got it wrong as a teenager but by determination to get it right did not die. I wanted to encourage my children and grandchildren that everything is possible if there is a will. The adversities we meet in our lives should not derail our plans to success; they should be significant push factors to realize our goals.



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