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How can Talking Leaves Bookstore, or the business you have selected, improve its sales specifically through content creation and digital marketing? Write a report in which you propose a solution or solutions for how your selected business can expand its digital presence as a way to reach customers. Your solution should be in some way about expanding and improving the company’s digital presence as a means to increase sales. While I encourage creativity, you should be realistic and consider the cost and logistics of your proposed ideas.

Potential Areas of Exploration:
• In what ways can the company expand its customer engagement through social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter, etc?
• Can the company improve its current social media accounts? If so, how?
• How might the company engage with its customers in creative ways on digital platforms?
• Consider the design and content of the company’s current website- could they improve the site’s tone? Its use of language? Its presentation of images? Its overall content? How could new content be designed to complement preexisting content? Or should the preexisting content be changed in some way? If you would like, your proposal can focus exclusively on how the website might be redesigned.
• Could the company benefit from becoming more of a content-destination site through blogging, etc?
• How can the company encourage customers to support their local businesses, rather than large corporations?

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