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  1.  Project Management    






    In some manner, people have all performed project management at various times in their lives, often without even knowing that they were doing it. Project management is performing and completing a group of activities to accomplish some specific goal. Project management can be applied to something as large and complex as putting humans on Mars to as small and simple as building a tree house in your backyard. In either situation, the projects progress through the same stages.

    Think about something that you have done that fits the definition of a project, and discuss how the project progressed through the different phases of the project life cycle. Submit a 3-page paper that addresses the following:

    *Describe the project and how it differed from an operation.
    *What activities were performed that were part of following phases?
    *How were the principles of project management applied to this project?
    *What skills and knowledge of the project manager were applied to make you successful (or were lacking, which led to failure)?
    *What lessons were learned in this project that could be applied to future projects?
    Use THE UPLOADED template to complete this assignment. Questions please ASK!



Subject Administration Pages 6 Style APA


Unit 1 Individual Project


Project management is a specialized place of control, that is carried out to projects specially in cases wherein there are limitations of assets as well as constraints of money and time.  Not like other areas of management, project management is concerned with particular objectives, which need to be completed inside a given period of time. Unlike conventional control, assignment control lays emphasis at the utilization of resources to meet dreams in a given scope. (Gardiner.p, 2010)

On this paper I am going to discuss how I became a project manager without my notice. I was leading a team that I later came to name P Commercial enterprise. I started this my expectations being giving back to the society at large but it led to a bigger project and I am going to discuss the project progress in details, how it became a project and how it succeeded.

Personal Project Experience.

P commercial enterprise was a project that I started to recycle plastic materials at the village to reduce environment pollution and as well create awareness about the importance of keeping the environment clean, When I started this project, I did not know if it was a project but later on after receiving several awards and even a peace price, I noted I was involved a project that marked an history as well as a legendry in P village. And to achieve all goals in this project I had to underwent a lot of phases as a project manager and I am going to discuss in below;

In P commercial enterprise project, the following phases lead to my success as a project manager;

  • Project initiation.

The project management techniques that I applied in this phase include the following;

  1. Establishing the project initiation team: This includes organizing team individuals to assist in sporting out the assignment initiation sports.
  2. Establishing a relationship with the customer: The know-how of your purchaser’s organization will foster a more potent courting between the two of you.
  3. Establishing the project initiation plan: Defines the activities required to prepare the crew while working to define the goals and scope of the mission.
  4. Establishing management procedures: Involved with developing group communique and reporting tactics, job assignments and roles, project change procedure, and the way task investment and billing might be handled.
  5. Establishing the project management environment and workbook: Makes a specialty of the collection and company of the equipment that you may use at the same time as coping with the task.
  • Project planning.

In this phase, as a project manager I applied the following techniques as discussed in details below;

  1. Divide the mission into obligations. This technique is likewise known as the painting’s breakdown shape. This step is carried out to make certain a smooth progression among duties.
  2. Estimating resources and creating an aid plan. This allows to acquire and set up assets in the handiest manner.
  3. Growing an initial agenda. In this step, you are to assign time estimates to every activity within the work breakdown structure. From right here, you will be able to create the target begin and stop dates for the challenge.
  4. Growing a communique plan. The concept right here is to define the communication approaches between management, team participants, and the consumer.
  5. Determining venture standards and approaches. The specification of how diverse deliverables are produced and examined via the challenge group.
  6. Figuring out and assessing chance. The goal right here is to discover capacity resources of danger and the consequences of these dangers.
  7. Developing a preliminary budget. The finances have to summarize the deliberate fees and revenues associated with the mission.(Maserang, 2013)
  • Project execution.

In this phase, as a project manager applied the following techniques;

  1. Executing the baseline project plan, he activity of the venture manager is to provoke the execution of challenge sports, accumulate and assign assets, orient and educate new crew participants, maintain the mission on schedule, and assure the quality of venture deliverables.
  2. Monitoring undertaking progress towards the baseline challenge plan, the use of Gantt and pert charts, as a way to be discussed in detail further on this paper, can assist the venture supervisor in doing this.
  3. Keeping the challenge workbook, retaining whole records of all task occasions is important. The challenge workbook is the primary source of facts for producing all undertaking reports.
  4. Communicating the challenge status, this means that the complete undertaking plan ought to be shared with the complete assignment group and any revisions to the plan ought to be communicated to all involved events so that everyone understands how the plan is evolving.
  • Project closure.

Everything has a beginning and an end, almost all goals being achieved in the project as a project manager you have to close the project and the following tasks were performed as I was ending the project as a manager;

Last down the challenge, in this level, it’s miles vital to notify all interested events of the finishing touch of the mission. Also, all undertaking documentation and data have to be finalized so that the very last evaluate of the project can be performed.

Carrying out post challenge opinions, this is done to determine the strengths and weaknesses of undertaking deliverables, the procedures used to create them, and the task control manner.

Remaining the purchaser settlement, the very last pastime is to ensure that every one contractual terms of the project had been met. (Alexander, 209)

Project was Different than an Operation.

During all these processes, as a project manager I learned that a project is quite different from an operation and I am not going to be mean I will define both as a project manager as follows;

            A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result and they have the following characteristics.

  • A new product, carrier or method that hasn’t existed earlier than to create new fee.
  • One objective to be done and once it is achieved, the assignment is terminated.
  • In a project structures having to be created.
  • Performance, value and time are unsure in a project.
  • Upsetting the reputation quo and violate the mounted exercise in a project.
  • Having greater risks as they’re usually done for the primary time.

Whereas, an operation is the ongoing execution of activities and they follow organizational procedures to produce the same result or a repetitive service that will help sustain the business. Operations are typically permanent in nature and they include all of the normal business functions. Operation has the following characteristics; (Austin, 2020)

  • Operation is a repeated procedure, product or service to maintain the enterprise
  • Operation have more than one targets to be performed time and again
  • Structures already created and in use in an operation.
  • Performance, fee and time are recognized in an operation.
  • Having fewer risks as they’re repeated in many instances in an operation.


How were Principles of Project Management Applied to the Project?

            As a project manager I applied the principles of a project manager to make it profession and to achieve a high-quality goals and standards. The following include the principles I applied to P Commercial enterprise project without my notice;

Even before you manage a challenge, you should dedicate yourself to achievement in that undertaking. Your aim as a challenge manager is a success completion of the challenge.

Initiatives are set to fail in the event that they’re now not lead through an undertaking manager. The assignment manager comes up with a challenge plan to attain the desires of the mission, and they manage the crew assembled to complete the ones obligations.




 Skills and Knowledge Led to Success or Lack of Skills and Knowledge Led to Failure

As project manager, you need to rely upon your undertaking control know-how and your widespread manipulative capabilities. Right here, we’re thinking of gadgets like your capacity to plan the mission, execute it well, and of path control it and bring it to a manipulative hit conclusion, along with your ability to manual the venture crew to attain mission goals and balance challenge constraints.

Challenge control gear keep to conform in phrases of talents and consumer interface. The overall path is closer to extra integrated process and information control systems, and person interfaces with a “net” appearance. Task control tools are step by step turning into integrated project information portals with skills some distance beyond easy task tracking and reporting. (Westland, 2018)

Lessons Learned

It is not essential to wait until the give up of the project for the gaining knowledge of to arise. Training may be diagnosed at any point in the course of the undertaking. A lesson found out session need to be conducted at exceptional time frames based on the criticality and complexity of the undertaking. Key times are at the quilt of the challenge, on the quilt of every section and actual time – while you analyze the lesson. In case you wait until the end the venture for a big challenge you miss a number of the important thing instructions. Due to the time that has elapsed, mission team participants may neglect some of the matters they found out or team individuals assigned to the task within the early phases can also no longer be part of the project in the course of the later phases. The best time to begin discussing lessons learned is during the project kick-off meeting. (Usmani, 2020)

In conclusion, undertaking failure consequences from failure to align the dreams of people within the assignment group to that of the organization. Lack of a shared imaginative and prescient outcomes into people in the mission pulling in exceptional instructions. As an end result, crew spirit misses within the crew and conflicts grow to be the norm while that is the state of affairs then task failure consequences. Inside the case of enterprise village, it is obvious that the assignment became now not a success due to the fact the project failed to embrace conversation, alignment of project goals to commercial enterprise desires in addition to failure via the pinnacle control at enterprise village to realize the unique position of the assignment supervisor.



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