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The graduate evaluates potential project management tools for alignment with specified project activities.
320.1.3 : Scheduling
The graduate creates project schedules that ensure timely project completion.
320.1.4 : Communicating with Stakeholders
The graduate creates project communication plans that ensure ongoing project information is appropriately disseminated to project stakeholders.
320.1.5 : Internal & External Risk Mitigation
The graduate develops mitigation plans that address internal and external risks within a project.
320.1.6 : Project Metrics
The graduate analyzes project data using appropriate metrics to forecast project outcome.
320.1.7 : Problem Solving
The graduate applies standard problem-solving techniques and strategies that facilitate resolution of problems that arise with in a project.
320.1.8 : Presenting to Stakeholders
The graduate develops presentation documents for internal and external stakeholders that communicate project assessment and recommendations for improvement.

In this task, you will practice monitoring and controlling for one project you select from one of two case studies.

You are a project manager who is taking over a struggling project. Two projects are at risk of being cancelled by their clients due to a variety of issues. Read the attached “Case Study 5” and “Case Study 6,” and use one of the two case studies when monitoring and controlling a project.

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