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Analyze three recent articles (within the last 10 years) that address
(1) student conduct/misconduct, (2) promoting positive relationships to enhance positive
student conduct, and (3) increasing student engagement to increase positive student
conduct. Then:
• Summarize each article and share the relationship to conduct/misconduct,
positive relationships, and student engagement.
• Explain how the school leader can ensure each student is treated fairly,
respectfully, and with an understanding of each student’s culture in the daily
policies and procedures of the school. (1-2 paragraphs)
• Explain how the policies in the school (and the laws) should be addressed
student misconduct are developed and implemented in a positive, fair, and
unbiased manner involving the school community and communicated clearly. (1
• Explain how the leader cultivates an inclusive, caring, and supportive school
community that promotes the academic success and well-being of each student.
(1-2 paragraphs)

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