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As you work in public policy or law, you may be in a position where you are to conduct research on an issue, write a detailed memorandum, and provide a briefing to your superior or a group of leaders about the issue. This term you have been conducting research to prepare a presentation and final briefing paper with the intent of conveying the information you learned through your research to your principle, in this case, your professor. As you prepare your presentation, please keep in mind the concepts, principles, and themes you have learned over the past six Modules: Weeks and consider how they fit into your analysis of the issue. This Module: Week you are to prepare and submit the formal presentation of your paper that includes analysis and recommendations.

In this assignment you will create a PowerPoint presentation, as if you were delivering your findings to your principle or a group. Your presentation must identify the main issue, provide background on the main issue and assessment of the current status of policy and include a brief review of past, current, and proposed policy and a recommendation as to what course of action should be taken. Each slide must contain notes demonstrating what you would say if you were giving the presentation live.
You may include graphics but ensure that they are properly cited. Be sure to use minimal


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