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t undertake a quantitative research project into any area of business. You may use any data source and any time period you wish, however, the only
condition is that data must include a time series, and that the time series includes year 2021. The aim is to produce a research project that examines a topic,
analyses data and provides recommendations to management about the topic studied.
The following is an orientation of the points to be covered in the document:
Executive summary
Overview of problem to be investigated. Impact of the problem.
Question(s) to be investigated. As results emerged, did you consider new questions? If so which?
Method: Data: What are the sources? How have you obtained/cleaned/prepared the data? It is imperative that your data sources are clearly stated; if using
data obtained from the internet you must include the URL and retrieval date; if you are using internal company data you must state source and date
Analysis: What analytical method will be used? With what variables?
Results: Evaluate the results, ensuring you refer back to the original research question. Ensure that the visualization of the results is fit for purpose.
Limitations and constraints of the study.


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