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Find a news story that has been shared online by a reliable Canadian news source. For example, the CBC, National Post, the Globe and Mail, Global, and CTV are all generally considered reliable news sources.
Read through the article, then look at the comments below, either on the article itself, or in the news source’s social media feed (i.e., the comments responding to a Facebook post or tweet).
Then, respond to the questions below using the workspace provided. You can respond in short sentences or point form.
1. What is the URL (web address) of the news article you found?
2. In 30 words or less, what is the article about?
3. Find one comment that responds positively to the article and summarize their perspective.
4. Find one comment that responds negatively to the article and summarize their perspective. (Please avoid repeating comments that use discriminatory or foul language)
5. In your opinion, why do these two comments respond to the article in such different ways? What perspective or point of view are they writing from?


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