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Create your own ethical case study based on your experiences and readings. Choose a topic or issue related to your professional field of work or profession. Consider topics related to the organizational work setting for this paper. In your paper, include the following:
Introduction: research the literature on ethics and leadership and provide the following:
• Rationale for the case study: Describe the reason for the case that you present (Why is the topic relevant? How does it expand or contribute to a leader’s knowledge about ethics?). Document your comments with appropriate related references.

Case study: Provide a narrative with the case study topic that you identified. Include the following:

• Setting: Briefly describe the setting
• Situation: Describe the situation.
• Impact: State how it affects the organization and whether it affects people inside or outside the organization. If the situation is from your own organization, be sure to use pseudonyms to maintain confidentiality at all times.
Ethical stance or position: clearly describe why the case/situation poses an ethical challenge for an organization.

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