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There are some who say that baseball batting performance can’t be judged correctly today because of changes in rules and changes in supporting technologies–such as how bats are made. Below is a data set of baseball batting performance dating back to 1871. The data set is very large making it unfeasible to use all data in your analysis. Instead, sample it. One simple way to do this is to use Excel Power pivot or the legacy pivot table tool to extract some data from each date range. It is recommended that you collect at least 100 data points in your area of interest for each of the date ranges.
Using this data set, answer the following questions and present your responses in a 5 to 7 slide presentation incorporating your findings:
Question 1: Sample the baseball batting data from 1871-1900, 1900-1950, and 1950-2000, and 2000-Present. Do you seen any patterns in the data samples? Present any patterns that you observe.
Question 2: Based on your samples, what can you say about batting performance over the years? Does the data suggest that anything has changed?

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