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  1. Sampling theory and how it applies to nursing research     




    Describe sampling theory and how it applies to nursing research     



Subject Nursing Pages 2 Style APA


Sampling Theory in Nursing Research

           Research is a fundamental component that assists in acquiring information, remaining updated on issues, and correcting misunderstanding in a specific field of focus such as healthcare. Nursing research is crucial in assisting registered nurses in determining operational best practices and improving patients’ care. Consequently, sampling theory is a vital principle of effective research in nursing, and its results affect the general population of focus. This paper, therefore, examines and discusses the sampling theory. Additionally, it reflects on generalizability and how it applies to nurse research. 

           Sampling theory is a principle or code of research developed to help determine the most efficient criteria for acquiring samples that precisely depict and represent the population of understudy. In the nursing research context, sampling theory describes individuals or populations of focus as samples or elements. Additionally, the theory employs various approaches to probability sampling, such as simple, stratified, systematic, and cluster random sampling (Elfil & Negida, 2017). For example, it can be used in nursing research that examines the use of nutritional information among a targeted population. A plus-digit or random-digit-dialing process can be used to select various individual families.

           Generalization is a degree of how a result from a study can be applied in making  conclusion on a broader population, circumstance or phenomenon. Additionally, generalization is the extension of findings from a study from the sampled population to the larger community of focus. Therefore, in nursing research, generalization can be applied in using the results from nursing study participants to determine the health of the general population.     


Elfil, M., & Negida, A. (2017). Sampling methods in clinical research; an educational review. Emergency5(1).

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